Membership Information

The Association has a Board of Directors and Officers who serve a two year term of office. This Board makes the day to day decisions for the Association. Assisting the Board are numerous committees comprised of members of NYSACCME which covers the following areas: Education, Family Practice & A.M.A., Ethics, Criminal Justice & Health Dept., Coroners & Medical Examiners Policy & Standards, Certification*, Legislative & Executive, Sunshine Fund, Membership, Finance, By-laws & Election, Spring & Fall Conferences, Public Relations, and Personnel.

Our membership is open to:

Doctors examining the medical x ray

Membership Application

To submit by mail, please download the Membership Application form and mail it along with your dues to the following address:

Tami Greenwood
Administrative Assistant
6179 Middle Road
Munnsville, NY 12409


Yearly membership dues are made payable to NYSACCME.