Continuing Education

Educational conferences are held bi-annually (March and September) along with information on educational seminars either offered by NYSACCME or other organizations throughout New York State. Guest speakers from around the country offer interesting and educational lectures and seminars on various topics pertinent to all aspects of death investigation. Continuing education credits are earned by the conference attendees toward board accreditation. For more information, view our Upcoming Conferences and Seminars.

Conference Publications

Published by Andrea Zafers from the Spring 2007 Conference:

Board Accreditation Policy

Initially, to become a NYSACCME board accredited member you need:

  • To be an active member of the Association for at least one year.
  • To be a coroner/medical examiner that has been in office for at least one year.
  • Accumulate a total of 54 credits from educational seminars; 36 credits being from NYSACCME sponsored training courses.


  • Every three years 36 credits is required
  • At least 18 credits must be NYSACCME credits